Sunday, 29 August 2010

Thank goodness for pack rats!

I haven't really mentioned much about my trip to America over the summer. It was stressful, maddening, lovely and rewarding all at once as usual. Unfortunately, the airlines are making my trips harder and harder with these luggage restrictions! Do you know how heavy a jar candle is?! Not only do I do most of my clothes shopping there, but I also come back with my most important craft supplies.

Coming from a long line of pack rats, I am lucky enough to source many of my vintage materials right from my mother's basement. This basement treasure trove is my unending source of inspiration -- I never know what I'll find when I start digging. The collection is just as funny, touching and beautiful as the three generations behind it. 

These two images are a sampling of my latest haul back from America. This time I came back with lots of lace, trim and buttons. I did manage to pry one feed sack from my mother's clutches. I only got away with as much as I did because I promised that everything would be put to good use. That is easier said than done. Some of these items belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother and it is a bit daunting to start cutting them up into pieces. I think I'll need a hit of sweet sherry in honour of my ancestresses before I hack into the above lace tablecloth!

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