Thursday, 28 January 2010

Spring is out there, somewhere...

Valentine envelope, originally uploaded by Tea Potty.
This is how I have been surviving the January blahs -- with lots of sewing projects! With the hope of Valentine's Day and Easter on their way I feel more springy (as long as I don't look outside). I am just putting the finishing touches on my Valentines for my husband (see above) and my daughter. My other half now eyes me nervously as I sit in my sewing chair every evening, rocking back and forth, stitching frantically. Maybe he believes if he sits still long enough, I might start embroidering him! Or maybe he'll finally pick up that I've got cabin fever and need to be sent somewhere sunny and warm.

I should mention that the envelope was made using Lucykate Craft's terrific tutorial.

Perhaps I don't really have cabin fever. It could be just chocolate withdrawl. I finished off the last of my Christmas truffles on Sunday. My husband better have a box of chocs ready on Valentine's Day, that is all I have to say. I'll survive 'til then by staring at the bouquet of tulips that I purchased in a fit of self-pity!

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