Sunday, 25 January 2009

Es tut mir leid!

Many, many apologies! It has been ages since I've written -- time slipped by faster than I expected. Much has happened since my last post. My parents were here for Christmas and we moved!

First, Christmas was terrific -- lots of food, lots of sightseeing, lots of people to visit. In no particular order we went to:

  • Aachen -- cold/wet/foggy. Wisely arrived early for the Christmas market, which was v. good. Bought lots of printen and a Christmas cookie mould. Visited the Dom (for the third time).

  • Cologne -- overcast/cool. Last day of Christmas market. Crowds were blessedly minimal at the market but crazy in the stores! Ate half a pig at a favourite brauhaus. Bought a few presents and a pretty rose soap for myself.

  • Roermond -- clear/cold. Nice little town, worth the visit for the outlet stores. Found a great little toy shop.

  • Monshau -- clear/cold/windy. One of my favourite towns in the area -- a lovely little gem. Unfortunately the main attractions were closed due to the proximity to Christmas. Bought mustard from the historic mustard mill. Had a good lunch in the Rote Haus Cafe.

  • Dusseldorf -- wet/miserable/windy. Rose and I stayed home, but everyone else went to the Christmas market and antique shops.

  • Amsterdam -- clear/cold. One day is not enough! Did the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Both worth a visit, but I really enjoyed the Van Gogh Museum. It was an excellent display of his work that illustrated the development of his talent and compared his work to that of his contemporaries. Hope to visit the city again soon!

  • Den Helder and surrounds -- spent a few days visiting friends and getting to know some of the Netherlands. Of course we visited a windmill and saw clogs being made. I hope to return again this spring to see the tulip fields!

As for Christmas, Rose was enraptured with anything remotely seasonal. She is still talking about Santa and singing holiday tunes. Yes, she did finally get her tiny pink bike with pedals! And, yes, my Christmas goose turned out perfectly.

I thinks that's plenty for now. Next time -- moving day, our new home and town.