Monday, 22 November 2010

One less project to finish

Tah dah! Another project finished! Amidst the chaos and cardboard boxes that are taking over my house, I did manage to finish off another project. This one has been hanging around for ages. I admit that I'm only responsible for about 30 percent of this -- my badgered husband did the cutting, sanding and painting. I don't think he minds doing these kinds of things for me as it keeps me from complaining about how much he spends on tools.

These little houses are made out of reclaimed wood (they used to be part of a bed), so they aren't perfectly smooth and square. Each side has a letter or a small graphic and they read, "Home", "Hope", and "Love", though others keep coming up with new and interesting letter combinations. My most of the illustrations came from The Graphics Fairy.

I've enjoyed doing these "grown-up" letter blocks and I'll try my hand at a few more as long as my husband's patience holds out!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Still here, for a little while longer at least

I honestly do have a valid reason for the last month's silence -- my parents were here, my husband was seriously sick, and we're now preparing to move next month. We managed to survive the first two admirably, but the last one may give me an ulcer. I mean really, who in their right mind moves just before Christmas?! After almost four years of living in Germany, we're heading back to England. I love living here -- great house, neighbours, school, etc -- so I'm just a bit reluctant to move. My other half is trying to shake me out of my pessimistic mood and I'm sure he's right that we'll find a place that we love just as much as here (just don't tell him that).

So needless to say, most of my Christmas projects are now cancelled and I'm just working on a few unfinished pieces. I did manage the following:
  • Halloween: Got my lanterns and my daughter's trick or treat bag done just in time. Both are Martha Stewart projects. I love, love, love the felt bag -- it was easy and quick and guess what I'm making an Easter tote out of.
  • In the Kitchen: Next time a friend says, "I don't have time to do anything with these; would you like them?" Don't believe her. My neighbour handed me a bag of quinces. Not knowing anything about them, I accepted. I'm starting to suspect that she doesn't like me anymore. After a few days of cuts, bruises, burns, and a house stinking of quince and burnt sugar, I produced something akin to quince cheese and quince jam. Never again.
  • Christmas projects: Got my Christmas cake and mincemeat done last week. Don't think I'll have time to much more, but maybe after the move I'll have time for gingerbread men or a last-minute Christmas pudding. Am doing a vintage Christmas pattern stitch along, but am v. frustrated with it at the moment. Made an elementary mistake in choosing a red and white Santa to go on a white towel. Santa's face completely disappears! Ugh. May have to rip out his head and start again. On a more positive note, a friend came over the other day and taught me how to make German stars! Guess what I'm decorating the tree and my presents with this year. I couldn't resist making a few of these mittens too. Not sure if they're going on the tree or if I'm going to tie them around presents. If I can get enough done by Dec. 1st, I'll put numbers on them and use them for an Advent calender.
There are a few more projects I hope to squeeze in before the move. I'll try to post them if I do. If not, you may not hear from me until January. Wish us luck!