Thursday, 28 January 2010

Spring is out there, somewhere...

Valentine envelope, originally uploaded by Tea Potty.
This is how I have been surviving the January blahs -- with lots of sewing projects! With the hope of Valentine's Day and Easter on their way I feel more springy (as long as I don't look outside). I am just putting the finishing touches on my Valentines for my husband (see above) and my daughter. My other half now eyes me nervously as I sit in my sewing chair every evening, rocking back and forth, stitching frantically. Maybe he believes if he sits still long enough, I might start embroidering him! Or maybe he'll finally pick up that I've got cabin fever and need to be sent somewhere sunny and warm.

I should mention that the envelope was made using Lucykate Craft's terrific tutorial.

Perhaps I don't really have cabin fever. It could be just chocolate withdrawl. I finished off the last of my Christmas truffles on Sunday. My husband better have a box of chocs ready on Valentine's Day, that is all I have to say. I'll survive 'til then by staring at the bouquet of tulips that I purchased in a fit of self-pity!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Oh no, it doesn't snow much here...

Our sledding hill, originally uploaded by Tea Potty.
We returned from England last week to find our home covered in snow. Our neighbours had given us the impression that snow is an infrequent thing here, but it looks like Germany is going to get hit hard this year. Our daughter loves it though; we've been sledding almost everyday! Yesterday we played in the snow drifts (some as high as my shoulder) and today we're heading back this time with shovels for snow forts. I am starting to tire of it a bit as I don't have proper snow pants and boots. The local shops sold out of stock very quickly. Maybe I'll head to Lubeck this weekend to do some shopping. This weather has kept me in the festive mood though and thus our Christmas decorations are still up. My mother-in-law claims that having them up after the 12 days of Christmas is bad luck. Try explaining that to a three-year-old who begs to turn on the tree lights every evening. She would keep them year 'round if she could.