Monday, 9 November 2009

Poppies and lost sweethearts

Sailor Postcard, originally uploaded by Tea Potty.
Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday and we spent part of the morning at a wreath laying ceremony. It was a bit muddy and gray, but the trees were in beautiful autumn colour. Seeing all of those WWII graves really brought home just how many young men were lost from my grandparents' generation. Please remember Veterans' Day on the 11th November.

These were my grandmother's hankies. I understand that they were given to sweethearts during WWII. They're in terrible condition, but I decided to put them on display for Wednesday.

On a lighter note, our friends were here from England over the Halloween weekend. I managed to get a nasty head cold between cleaning, cooking, entertaining, and doing the tour guide and Halloween bit. It promptly snowed the following Tuesday all day long and, as you can see, our pumpkins look like I felt. Sorry gents, but you're off for composting.

I have managed to get myself thinking about Christmas. Tomorrow I'm tackling my mincemeat and, on Wednesday, the Christmas cake. Recipes and blogs to follow. No Christmas pudding, my husband didn't request one. I'm not sure if that's because we won't actually be home for Christmas or if it's because last year's was so incredibly alcoholic that I couldn't give my daughter a slice!