Tuesday 17 July 2012

Off in search of warmer weather!

Busy, busy, busy here as per norm! The weather has been terrible, so I'm escaping England later this week for the very hot US. I figure two weeks of extreme heat will make up for the lack of summer here. So besides packing and cleaning, it is also the end of school. Here are two teacher gifts I've whipped up. I love doing book jackets!

Still plodding away on my business course. I think I've narrowed down my business idea to a manageable niche market. Next big job to tackle: making enough product to fill a craft table because ... YES! I'm going to book my first REAL show. Can you feel the sense of panic? So as soon as I get back I'll be locked in my craft room (read: guest bedroom converted into a craft room by a big sewing table). Other major source of worry -- I have to do a business presentation when I get back too. Ugh.

See you in a few weeks! I'll be back with suitcases stuffed with crafting goodness!

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